Bridal Services

​We know that planning a wedding is an exciting time in your life, but it can also be stressful. Let our team at LaCole help ease that stress and pamper you until it fades away. Thank you for letting us be a part of your "big day".

bridal checklist



We know things can get a little crazy months before your big day. Take a quick look at our checklist to help you plan what services you might need and when. A LaCole Salon a bridal coordinator can answer any questions and recommend a plan to make you and your wedding party look and feel fabulous. If you’re getting married within a year, it’s not too early to call!

9-12 months before your wedding
SCHEDULING: Contact a bridal coordinator to schedule your bridal services. 
SCHEDULING: Encourage your wedding party to schedule their appointments too.

6-9 months before your wedding 
 SKINCARE: Begin a skincare treatment and hair removal program with your esthetician.
HAIR: Discuss your hairstyle, color, and length goals with a hair professional for your big day.
    NAILS: Begin a manicure nail treatment regimen to ensure the strength of your natural nails.
3-6 months before your wedding
HAIR: Begin conditioning treatments on damaged hair and continue until your big day.

3-4 weeks before your wedding
HAIR: Receive haircut & design, if your hair is longer.

HAIR/MAKEUP: Receive practice wedding day hair design and makeup application.

Don't forget your camera and veil also try to schedule dress fitting same day!

2 weeks before your wedding
HAIR: Receive haircut & design, if hair is mid-length or shorter
1 week before your wedding

HAIR: Color or highlight and glaze your hair.

1-2 days before your wedding

Hair: Get a fresh blowout

NAILS: get a shellac or basic manicure and pedicure. 
SKINCARE: get any waxing services needed.

On your wedding day  
 HAIR:  Wear a button-down shirt to preserve your finished look .

Make sure you and your wedding party's hair is clean and blown out.
 SKINCARE: Make sure your face is clean and moisturized.
 EVENT: Unwind with your wedding party. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast 
and prepare for your big day!